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Why Carry Kombucha?

  • Beer on a tap attracts only those wanting that specific brand/ flavor
  • Kombucha appeals to a broader clientele, enabling higher revenue for your tap real estate
    • Non-Drinkers
    • Custom Cocktails (people looking for something new, people wanting to try local)
  • Kombucha provides a socially acceptable alternative for those that do not want to drink beer, wine or cocktails
    • Many popular low carb diets (whole 30, Keto, etc) do not allow alcohol
    • A significant percentage of people do not want to drink when they go out – for a variety of reasons
    • An alternative to ice water or tea for business lunches
    • People who are not of legal age that want an alternative to water or soda
  • Kombucha provides new and novel choices for alcohol cocktails